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Reference numbers.

Example of how to read a reference number

The reference numbers give the date of an advert - they consist of:

ddmmyy then 2 more numbers to make them unique. For example, the 20th advert placed on October 22nd 2003
would look like this: 22100320 - 22nd of the 10th 2003 advert number 20

are further down the page.

To update your advert, please use this form.

To upgrade your advert to receive more exposure, please use this form


Help with writing your advert.

At, we've decided to add your adverts to our pages personally, rather than using a self implementation system. This means we have a lot more work to do, but does mean that we can check adverts as we include them. This gives us the chance to correct any spelling and grammar, and assemble the advert in a way that gives each advert a standard look. It also reduces the chance of bogus advert and scams (bad language, links to non related sites etc.) from being included.

Sending an advert is very easy - just follow the most appropriate link in the menu on the left (available on most pages). There are different forms to add motorcycle and spares and wanted/for sale adverts. You get the chance to include a picture of your bike while you are filling in the motorcycle for sale form.

We need a valid email address from you - please type this carefully and check it. We get a large amount of invalid addresses and are unable to contact the advertiser or include the advert.

Try and fill in all the relevant information on the form as it helps to be as concise as possible - for instance, you could include your village or town name in the location panel so buyers know how far they need to travel.

When writing your advert, give as much information as you can. Buyers will be interested in things like:

  • Age

  • Colours

  • Service history

  • Modifications

  • Condition

  • Price

  • Security devices

...and will probably be put off by a short advert with few details (it gives the impression that you are trying to hide information).

Good luck with your advert - we hope you get a quick result and enjoy FREE advertising.



Questions and Answers.

If you have a question that is not listed below, please feel free to send it us - we will be happy to answer it.

Q. What does the reference number mean?
A. The reference number is made up of a 6 digit date (021002 - 2nd October 2002) then another number to make it unique.

Q. How can I find my reference number?
A. You get a confirmation email when your advert is added. This may be a day or so after you send it to us. If you have lost it, or not provided us with a valid email address, you can Find your ref number here

Q. I can't find my advert - where is it?
A. Adverts are entered by a member of Bike-Exchange to apply the correct format and to check spelling etc. Submission is not automatic and can take up to 24 hours to appear (but it's usually sooner). 
Due to people receiving scam replies to adverts, we no longer publish email addresses.

Q. How come adverts are free?
A. Because as long as visitors click on banners (we are quite particular about which one's we allow on the site), we can cover the expenses and pay for some advertising to make sure your adverts are seen by as many people as possible.

Q. How do I update my advert? - it's sold, there's an error or I want to change the wording.
A. Just fill in the Update form here.

Q. Why is there no search facility?
A. Because we believe the site is easy enough to navigate without needing one. We'd hate your advert to be missed by someone because they specified a price range just outside yours, wanted a certain colour, but might have considered a different one etc, etc. The average visitor to Bike-Exchange looks at 18 pages before leaving.


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