MZ TROPHY/ETZ 300 for sale

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MZ TROPHY/ETZ 300 photo
MZ TROPHY/ETZ 300 photo

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Advert details: This bike has a tax exempt 1971 MZ Trophy frame, tank, side covers, with a much later ETZ 301 engine, forks steering, front disc brake, and wheels with 12volt electrics. The bike currently on SORN rode well until autumn 2005 with good compression and very easy starting, when I made the mistake of removing the kick start lever to file one edge because it was catching on the stand spring, but not realising that to fit the lever back needs work inside the clutch housing/gearbox. The clutch was also slipping a bit in high gear when excelerating. Never got round to fixing it and not sure I have the expertise. The battery is now dead but I canít see anything else that would stop the bike from working and be MOTíd once the clutch and kick start are sorted out.
Ref. No. 00030273   
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Current price: 400 GB pounds 
Contact name: Bill Taylor 
Location: Birmingham, West Midlands  
Telephone: [Get telephone no.] 
Last update: 21 Sep 01:48  
Advert status: Active 

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