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Lambretta for sale uk

1965_Lambretta_125 SPECIAL_185

1965 Lambretta 125 SPECIAL 185 For sale is my 125 cc italian special scooter ,bik.....
Neil Gloucester - Gloucestershire (England)
Ref. No.: 00029371
Last updated: 27 Mar 00:58
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1962 Lambretta LI 150 An excellent condition and running Lambretta Li 15.....
Christian Leeds - W.Yorkshire (England)
Ref. No.: 00028653
Last updated: 02 Dec 09:53
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1954 Lambretta NSU 125 I have a 1954 vintage nsu scooter for sale in work.....
Mick Hebden Bridge - W.Yorkshire (England)
Ref. No.: 00025302
Last updated: 19 Dec 15:01
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1957 Lambretta LD 125 Lambretta LD125 For Restoration,But Complete With .....
MARK Birmingham - West Midlands (England)
Ref. No.: 00024949
Last updated: 06 Nov 18:41
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2000 Lambretta 150 Jet 200 Lambretta servetta for sale 1978. 2000Euro.....
Angel Madrid - Avon (Wales)
Ref. No.: 25070729
Last updated: 06 Jun 07:41
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1977 Lambretta LI150API 150 Full nut and bolt photographed restoration,uk regi.....
Neil Walsh Portsmouth - Hampshire (England)
Ref. No.: 00022992
Last updated: 23 May 18:08
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1962_Lambretta_SERIES 3_125

1962 Lambretta SERIES 3 125 Lambretta Li125 newly registered,rebuild sept 2008.....
Frank Cambridge - Cambridgeshire (England)
Ref. No.: 00022507
Last updated: 13 Apr 13:29
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1967 Lambretta LI 150 Superb example of a 1967 LI 150. White and dark bl.....
Glen Aldershot - Hampshire (England)
Ref. No.: 00022484
Last updated: 10 Apr 16:19
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