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Field bikes for sale UK


2012 M2R TT 125 Brandnew pit bike for sale Including the bike,XL.....
Richard Nottingham - Nottinghamshire (England)
Ref. No.: 00031369
Last updated: 07 May 19:14
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2000 any ANY 85 looking for cheap deal working not working for a h.....
Joe Rugeley - Staffordshire (England)
Ref. No.: 00031368
Last updated: 05 May 15:47
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2000_4 stroke_50CC_50

2000 4 stroke 50CC 50 Kids 4 stroke 50cc scrambler. Excellent Condition .....
Kyle Bargoed - Gwent (Wales)
Ref. No.: 00030780
Last updated: 22 Apr 09:03
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1997 Yamaha DTR 125 I am after a Yamaha DT 125R frame with v5 as the o.....
Philip Cardiff - Glamorgan (Wales)
Ref. No.: 00030628
Last updated: 10 Feb 20:59
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2001 Scrambler KTM 125 A Great ride and reliable move forces sale.....
Gemma Selsey - West Sussex (England)
Ref. No.: 00029796
Last updated: 13 Jun 04:56
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2004_Skyteam _ST_125

2004 Skyteam ST 125 hi this is my 125 skyteam good bike very reliable .....
Gazroko Dumfrise - Dumfries and Galloway (Scotland)
Ref. No.: 00029498
Last updated: 12 Apr 23:19
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2010 GHOSTBIKES 150 HI IVE GOT GMX GMX-150 150cc Pit Bike.3MONTH OLD 4.....
Justin Holyhead - Anglesey (Wales)
Ref. No.: 00029435
Last updated: 05 Apr 22:29
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2006 Honda CR 85 Honda cr 85 , complete engine rebuild last week .r.....
Dean Jacobs Birmingham - West Midlands (England)
Ref. No.: 00029387
Last updated: 29 Mar 03:17
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1998_Suzuki_RM _85

1998 Suzuki RM 85 1998 Rm 85 field bike needs piston rings parts r .....
Nick Liverpool - Merseyside (England)
Ref. No.: 00029279
Last updated: 17 Mar 07:12
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2000 DIRTMASTER 200 want a road bike that's only reason for sale had.....
Gary Airdrie - Strathclyde (Scotland)
Ref. No.: 00029186
Last updated: 04 Mar 19:50
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1989 Suzuki RM 80 hi, here for sales is what i belive to be my 1989 .....
Mark Birkenhead - Merseyside (England)
Ref. No.: 00027626 Verified Member
Last updated: 26 Jan 09:25
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1998 Yamaha RT 100 i have for sale a yamaha rt 100cc it was a very fa.....
Johno Middlesbrough - Tyne and Wear (England)
Ref. No.: 00028550
Last updated: 15 Nov 01:28
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2000 Zongshen 125 125cc dirt bike for sale up for sale or swap is.....
Luke Harlow - Essex (England)
Ref. No.: 00028234
Last updated: 10 Oct 15:00
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1996 Suzuki DR 600 SUZUKI DR 600(VERY FAST BIKE)1996-1997 EXCELLENT R.....
Kev Liversedge - W.Yorkshire (England)
Ref. No.: 00027930
Last updated: 11 Sep 17:36
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1996 Honda CR 500 Honda cr 500 up for sale,is in good condition,need.....
Alex Loftus - (England)
Ref. No.: 00027572
Last updated: 09 Aug 17:58
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1990 Kawasaki KMX 125 hi i have my kmx up for grabs it has had a full re.....
Neil Woodford - Northamptonshire (England)
Ref. No.: 00027501
Last updated: 02 Aug 01:18
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1999 Suzuki 1999 125 rm 125 had new piston, new front n back sprocket a.....
Mark St.helens - (England)
Ref. No.: 00027328
Last updated: 16 Jul 14:24
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1995 any 125 HI I AM LOOKING FOR A CHEAP BIKE FROM £0 TO .....
Terry MILTON KEYNES - Bedfordshire (England)
Ref. No.: 00027271
Last updated: 11 Jul 14:22
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2002 TM 85 hello here is my son's tm 85. New pistons, new d.....
Shaun Mansilde - Nottinghamshire (England)
Ref. No.: 00027200
Last updated: 05 Jul 18:50
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2006 KTM EXC-F 250 ktm motocross/induro/dirt bike in mint condition. .....
Adam Sittingbourne - Kent (England)
Ref. No.: 00025549
Last updated: 02 Feb 14:57
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2000 ======== 250 Hi, Im looking for an off-road 250cc motorbike. Ag.....
Tanya Redruth - Cornwall (England)
Ref. No.: 00025395
Last updated: 04 Jan 10:48
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1978 Suzuki RM 80 for sale is a rm80 colectable crosser. this bike i.....
Gavin Reigate - Surrey (England)
Ref. No.: 00025223
Last updated: 09 Dec 23:06
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2006 Chituma XL 125 Chituma, Honda XL125 replica, off road In red a.....
Mark Walsall - West Midlands (England)
Ref. No.: 00024971
Last updated: 09 Nov 12:47
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1992 any KX 125 any 1 got a crosser 4 sale no more than ?400 any m.....
James Bath - Avon (England)
Ref. No.: 00024292
Last updated: 29 Aug 10:50
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2000_Dirt Bike__125

2000 Dirt Bike 125 It hasn't got a chain but the bike runs well. It .....
Toni Marie Cumbernauld - Strathclyde (Scotland)
Ref. No.: 00023897
Last updated: 19 Aug 17:42
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1997 Kawasaki KX 250 hi my kx 250 sellin due 2 gettin car need money........
Scott Luton Town - Bedfordshire (England)
Ref. No.: 00023869
Last updated: 29 Jul 19:13
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2005 Hyosung RX 125 selling my hyosung my first bike and has no proble.....
Tom Birmingham - West Midlands (England)
Ref. No.: 00022619
Last updated: 11 Jul 10:43
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2000 Kawasaki KX 80 kx80cc for sale just had total rebuild done New r.....
Barry Wolverhampton - West Midlands (England)
Ref. No.: 00023465
Last updated: 23 Jun 13:33
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2007 Yamaha PY 90 py90 for sale blue very fast tuned engine 150cc ra.....
Carl Stoke On Trent - Staffordshire (England)
Ref. No.: 00023325
Last updated: 15 Jun 16:26
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2008 Yamaha YZ 85 My son is willing to do a part exchange for a scoo.....
Leanne Blackpool - Lancashire (England)
Ref. No.: 00023293
Last updated: 11 Jun 13:02
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